I’m looking for twelve people who can join my Team
All you need is your sofa, WiFi and a Dream

Choose your own hours and work from home
Using your PC, your Tablet, your Phone

You must be motivated. ambitious, impulsive
And find stretchmarks, mummy-tums, and aging repulsive

Is this an idea that is sounding appealing?
Getting paid on Facebook to hurt People’s Feelings?

It’s totally Free to join, with No Startup Costs
I just need 99 Pounds to purchase your stock

Does this sound like something you need?
Shaming your friends and fuelling your greed?

Smashing their confidence, exposing their weakness
This isn’t bullying it’s only good business

The results of this programme are really fantastic
Erasing your wrinkles, wrapping bellies in plastic

As I explained, just a few things I require
Humiliating others should be your desire

The worse they will feel, the more they will spend
You’ll find your earnings will know of no end

And some of the money you earn could be yours
Get in Touch quick, there’s just 48 hours!


Does It Work ?