Category: Poetry

You Must Keep your Distance

  My primary. Around that body, I revolve. Not to draw closer, in my circle held. The universe put us in our pathsAnd gave us not deviate. Even me to face her, only at times: My turn is not tidally locked. Move away, and...

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One wish to make a dream come true For hearts to meet and be true One hand that slips inside my...

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The Way He Makes You Feel

The way in which he lights a room,His wit, his charm, his tone,At his unfunny jokes of course you laugh,And that pic you keep on your phone,To you he’s something of beauty,Handsome and seductive beau,Does he ever thing the...

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Standing here infront of meRuby is stillEverything I long to beNeither buried by triumphOr drowned...

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Wondering Mind

Ever wondered what exactly it is you did wrong?Ever felt as though you dont belong?Ever wondered why your left out?Ever wondered why theres doubt? Ever felt as though your ignored?Ever felt alone and bored? Ever wondered if...

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