I started life where “All is fine”…


I started life where no one speaks,
I started life where I don’t eat.
I started life, there were days
Of joy and laughter, fun and games.
Among so many harrowing days
Of screaming, crying, fear and pain.

As I grew older, I could see
That’s not the way its meant to be.
My friends weren’t scared of their Mum & Dad,
Their siblings too, always hand in hand.
Away from there it was clear to see
That others were not scared, like me…

Through these days I watched and learned,
And for great wisdom, I did yearn.
To stem the tide and change the way
Have “courage to do right, come what may”.
It’s taken quite the winding path
But now I find I know my arts

With conviction, courage and truth in my heart
Now from there past we do depart,
“To pastures new”, not “grasses more green”
There’s a subtle, key difference for “eyes that do see”.
To build new bridges and restore ones soul
For unlike Don Xiote, I perceive the path and means to attain my goal.

Reworked by Clarence Pike.