We could be missing out on the latest social trend,
In country parks and playgrounds, shops or stores alike.
Let’s run to the avenue, maybe ride the bike.
To catch one may be tricky, but I’m sure we will prevail,
For we are the dominant species, I am the Alpha Male.

All that glitters, this game seems to me,
Somethings a foot, in the air, land, at sea.
A covert operation to catch the little critters
Or is it the critters are destined to get thee?

Battle has commenced to cull the feeders from the land,
Cultivating history or preserving a world of supreme aristocracy.

Like sheep, they were herded (chased into Central PArk) indoctrinated by belief the saviour is around,
Loaded up they shipped away destined to toil some more, a wash with fallacy, screaming at the door,

It all seemed promising they thought to start,
Then reality loomed of the fatal dart.
To become the master of notorious breed,
sure to harvest when in need,
The intelligence spirals with the coup d’etat,
It’s time to mourn the avatar.