The way in which he lights a room,
His wit, his charm, his tone,
At his unfunny jokes of course you laugh,
And that pic you keep on your phone,

To you he’s something of beauty,
Handsome and seductive beau,
Does he ever thing the same of you,
Would you really like to know?

Could be his smile, his eyes so deep,
Or the way he styles his hair,
It won’t matter what you do,
He still, won’t see you there.

I know the way he makes you feel,
Your blood course through your veins.
You feel your heart beat from your chest,
And one look empties your brains.

For there’s a girl, to me, the same,
And I wish that she’d see me too,
She’s marvellous and she’s beautiful,
And she looks and sounds like you