Key Ingredients

StoryPie was started in 2011 after a Christmas gathering of friends turned into a sharing of ideas. In January 2012, we gave our website a Facebook and Twitter page. These pages were all set to promote our creative vision; and would have in a timely manner pushed our ideas forward.

However, at the inception of StoryPie, time was not an infinite commodity for our team, we met less and less regularly, and as a result, the site was pushed aside.

In 2012, Wales Comic Con was held at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, in North Wales. Inspiration hit us, that it would be a good idea to have a well known relevant figure promote our vision.

Robert Llewellyn kindly agreed to introduce our site in a video which can be found at our website and also on our YouTube pages.

We are pleased to report that more recently StoryPie has become our key focus and we fully intend to create and grow as our site allows its users to create and grow together.

Earlier this year, we played host to a competition to give StoryPie a logo. None of us are graphically inclined, so this task was left to the experts. We are all pleased with the logo held on our website and we hope that you, our reader enjoys it too.