A paragraph is used to hold together related sections of text. They are used to introduce new sections of a story, important bits of information, or new characters. Paragraphs can enhance the readability of your document and help your reader to follow along without becoming distracted.

The white space in between one paragraph and the next will allow your readers a moment to catch their breath. There are two ways to seperate new sections of story; an indent or a double line space. While both of these methods are valid ways to divide a story, they shouldn’t be used in the same instance.

    An indent is a clear space of typically half an inch, from the left side of your page. An indent is commonly used to show the beginning of a new paragraph that follows the first paragraph in a new chapter. The alternative to indented paragraphs is to allow for a clear line gap between your paragraphs.

In this instance, you should find the way that works best for you and for your own style of writing.