We want everyone to feel welcome and safe here, access to this site is subject to adherence to the following guidance.

Free expression is, of course, the ‘founding stone’ of creativity. We, at StoryPie, believe that the ‘key stone’ in creative writing is empathy, with this in mind we have just a few points of required etiquette to bring to your attention;

When commenting or discussing, we ask that you take a moment to consider the possible impact of your words and actions upon others before making any constructive criticism – and we do mean constructive. Seriously; if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!

Please be aware that inappropriate language, personal criticism, denigration or discrimination of any kind will be addressed, with equivalently appropriate action – in extreme cases access could be revoked and relevant authorities informed if necessary.

For those wishing to submit works, please read on to get started.

There are two ways you can submit your works to StoryPie…
You can e-mail your original works to submissions@storypie.net  Alternatively you can simply upload your work to our library, through the Contact Us form. You may like to include your name, a title for the works and a suggested category or genre for your works. There are no minimum or maximum word counts for original works.

File Formats
Submissions can be plain text, or in most popular word processor formats.

We strongly encourage our readers to try writing stories themselves.

File Integrity
Original text is left intact where possible, except for the absolute necessary insertion of text formatting, to maintain the integrity of original works across the whole site.

As authors ourselves, we wouldn’t want somebody else to change our words, even if they did so with the best of intentions. All works are published on the website, completely un-edited. Any spelling or grammar errors remain the responsibility of the original author.

If you are aware of, or perhaps involved with, a related site that you feel we should link to, please feel free to let us know.