I don’t know if I ever told you about this
About my very first bedsit it was in upper Bangor
A green door led to the room I’d rented
I was sixteen years young and my hair looked just like it does right now
Well apart from the M I had less forehead then
And a lot less cash indeed I acted rash
The pub I worked in sacked me and I knew of no factory
So I went out one night to find some things to steal and sell
I didn’t have to venture too far which was just as well.

In next door’s garden was a shed Inside a bicycle and Telly
I dragged them back to mine it wasn’t easy it was bloody heavy
And the bike it had a lock on that try as I might it wouldn’t open
And the bloody Telly didn’t work I kicked the thing and I bust my toe in!

I put a sheet on top of it and I went to the shops
And when I came back my door was open
And inside my room the cops.
My heart stopped and my blood curdled then I saw smashed glass on the floor And the cops said ‘Sorry son you’ve been Burgled’

I guess I needed some security
From the minority
Who’d take my stuff
I guess I needed some security
From the likes of me
There’s not enough

Once I realised that the cops weren’t out to arrest me and it was in fact I that had become a victim of crime I was outraged
Who’d smash my window and steal all my Smiths albums? I felt violated
Then the guy I shared a kitchen with came in and moaned about me eating his cereal

Soon after that I moved to Redditch
Where a series of increasingly serious incidents eventually led to my arrest
At the hands of police who awoke me from sleep when they booked me I was not even dressed
Oh they dragged me in it didn’t take long; I lived opposite the police station
But though I was sixteen they bailed me I pretended my landlady was my relation

Awaiting my trial I committed more crime. I stole from a woman they chased me
And sat on my chest awaiting arrest I figured that God he must hate me!
But when I went court they saw my repentance and spared me from jail with probation
And community sentence my officer found me a house paid for by your taxation
Where I lived happily with my books and CDs and a pair of men who took in strays

Another came rough and he earnt our trust and bathed in the pride of our gaze
One day I was going to the shops for some skins he said ‘Get a can for me please’
But when I got back the boy he was gone and so were my books and CDs

I guess I needed some security
From the minority
Who’d take my stuff
I guess I needed some security
From the likes of me
There ain’t enough

I can’t have no regrets
From shoplifting to bouncing cheques
From selling drugs and telling lies
It taught me how to harmonise
And I won’t blame society for all my notoriety
And I don’t blame my mum and dad they gave me everything they had

Now I look forward to Security
That comes with maturity
And I’m hoping that’s enough