Ever wondered what exactly it is you did wrong?
Ever felt as though you dont belong?
Ever wondered why your left out?
Ever wondered why theres doubt?
Ever felt as though your ignored?
Ever felt alone and bored?

Ever wondered if there was real trust?
Eventhough you trust them…with your life?
Ever wondered why your not wanted?
Like excuses for not wanting you there or no contact at all?
Ever wondered why people dont want you around?
Ever wondered why your always lost, and not found?

Ever felt there were always secrets?
Ever felt not in the know?
Ever felt left out and rejected?
Like you have no real friends at all?
Ever felt as though you are used?
Like your second, third or even fourth best?
Ever been let down, forgotten and left dissapointed?

Ever felt as though your really supposed to get the hint?
But what is it I have actually done?
I always phoned,
I always text,
To me you were always my priority,
The one I tunred to when times were tough,
The one I classed as a true and honest friend,
Maybe I bored you,
Maybe I trusted too much.
I was there for you,
So why is it not ruturned in honesty?


As time passes,
And gaps are made wider,
My eyes are more awake,
To the fact. that I have no real friends at all.