One wish to make a dream come true
For hearts to meet and be true
One hand that slips inside my own,
In the darkness we are alone 

Your soft kiss upon my cheek .
The shadows cast as we both sleep
Strong arms that caress and keep me safe
Love inter twinned so full of grace 

Our hearts together now as one
Soul mates for life
Until life’s is done 

One wish should it come true,
That we could wake each day a new 

Sad as it may seem to be
Life’s journey you can not take with me
Your heart you can no longer share
The dream we had is no longer there

So now its time to say farewell .
For us its best not to dwell
For out there in the world to find
Is that love that’s so divine..

Enjoy each moment of life to come .
The highs and lows till darkness come .
Fond memories like butterfly wings
Fill the void the darkness brings .

Our footprints we leave for those who care
The ones with whom we wished to share .

Soft kisses on the windy day

Will bring the love you blew away .